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Covered in beeeees

I'll gladly climb your walls, if you'll meet me halfway...

A bunch of random stuff...

- I'm really enjoying Kelly's new album, and I briefly took a listen to Snow Patrol and it's sounding super sweet too.

- I had fun meeting up with Jenny today. We bought fun drinks from a poolside bar, then shopped a bit at Florida Mall. I'm psyched for a cuticle manicure scrub I got at Bath and Body Works (my cuticles have been looking really bad lately). I also got a heel treatment, since my feet aren't looking too good either.

-The iPhone is HELLA COOL. Like...totally want one really badly! I wanted one before, but playing with one was SWEET. It's not perfect, but it's damn close, and it has everything. The one thing I was most impressed with? The massive amounts of easy-to-use internet features, like Google Maps, which is essentially a GPS within the phone. My brother in law just dropped $425 on a Garmin GPS...and while the iPhone's map feature doesn't quite live up to that...the Garmin doesn't play music, check email, send text messages, and, oh yeah...make phone calls. I'll wait at least a month before I buy one, though. I want to make sure there aren't any huge problems/issues/recalls.

- When I turned up the volume on my iMac using the remote control, my MacBook also got louder. I should have expected that, but I didn't and it made me giggle.

- Tomorrow I'm going to SeaWorld for my first time. Yay!

- I love being at my apartment because this room is mine. I've spent a lot of time on people's floors, couches, and guest bedrooms recently. And as it is, I live in my sister's spare room. So having a room that is MINE is huge. I love it!

- I bought a plane ticket and I'm going to Detroit July 27-29 to go camping.

- I need to find an awesome new purse. I'm officially on a hunt.

- I changed my facebook picture and spent a long time playing around with PhotoBooth. The end result were 7 fabulous pictures, one of which is my new profile pic. Yay!

- I need to start writing notes again. I keep forgetting the things I mean to do.

I think that's it. Happy Monday, folks. I hope yours rocked the way mine did!