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So I'm at the airport and thank the gods that Tampa has a free wi-fi connection.

My flight hasn't really been delayed, but rather "rescheduled." It was supposed to depart at 8:45 (so I was up bright and early at 5:15 this morning, left the house at 6:00, arrived at the airport at 6:50, and was through the bag check and security by 7:20. All good, except on my boarding pass, the departure time is now listed as 9:12am.

Eh, it's only a half hour. And maybe we can make up time in the air.

Either way, I'm mere hours from touching down in the frozen tundra that is Chicago. I'm so excited, it's not even funny.

Oh, and I found an old jacket of mine (the receipts in my pocket prove that I haven't worn it in 2 years), but it fits and it's fleece-lined and down-filled, so hopefully it will help keep me toasty warm. I also found a pair of gloves, I'm bringing two scarves and I bought a new hat last week.

To give a little perspective:
Currently in Tampa, the temperature is 73 degrees (and it feels like 73 degrees)
Currently in Chicago, it's 27 degrees, and feels like 21.

52 degree difference? My body is going to go into shock. It's a good thing I'm drinking orange juice right now...
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Bells will be ringing this sad, sad news. Oh, what a Christmas to have the blues...

I'm becoming super paranoid about my flight tomorrow.

The forecast is calling for a 70% chance of snow in Chicago, to accumulate to 1 inch.

Now, that doesn't sound severe to me, though I am 100% expecting it to actually snow (if it doesn't, I'll need to thank some higher being for that).

But I've never flown in snow, and I don't think I've even flown in rain. I'm not really concerned about it, I'm sure the pilots are wonderful at that.

I am concerned, however, about a) not being able to take off, or b) not being able to land. I really don't want a delayed flight. I'm going to be up at about 5:15am so that I can be back in Deerfield (after deplaning, getting my bags, getting picked up by Zoe, and driving back) by noon.

That was my master plan. At noon, we can get lunch and possibly see a movie (Atonement is being postponed due to Molly Davis's work schedule, but I figure that Juno is a viable second option if we want to head into Evanston).

But if my flight is crazy delayed, I'm going to be sad and bored and possibly scared of all the terrible things that can happen in an airplane during inclement weather.

So here's to hoping it all goes without a hitch. I'll worry about my flight home closer to Dec. 24 (oh, and added pressure on that one...they might be holding off on a big family Christmas (eve) Dinner on my account. Oh gods of airline travel, please smile down on me.