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Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, possessing and caressing me... I was really hesitant about Charlie Wilson's War. I mean...Tom Hanks can be pretty preachy and Julia Roberts with bleach blond hair.

I watched the trailer and thought that the tone seemed wrong...too upbeat and happy for a movie about war. But then again...maybe upbeat and happy is the right direction for a movie about wars. Since the rest have either a) sucked or b) bombed at the box office (America isn't interested in serious dramas unless they are DAMN good).

Then, I noticed that it was directed by Mike Nichols. Clearly, I'm a fan. I mean...The Graduate, Closer...hell, even Working Girl and The Birdcage.

Further, and this is the BIG one...screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. I mean, come on now. Is there anything Sorkin's done of which I haven't been a fan? "West Wing" is a given, as is The American President. Sports Night was simply fabulous and Studio 60 solid, though I think it really could have taken off in a second season (and if it had had any sort of viewer support in the first season...they were grasping at straws near the end).

In addition, while the trailer only shows Hanks, Roberts, and Philip Seymour Hoffman (I'm glad to see him in a supporting role again...he's really so much better as the sidekick, though I'm looking forward to The Savages), the film also features Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

In conclusion, I'm now leaning more toward seeing it.

Also, Across the Universe is playing at the cheap theater in Spring Hill, so I think I will venture there tomorrow. I had started feeling ambivalent about it, and the thought of paying $7.50 for a film that might only be sub-par (I've been making a conscious effort to only see "good" movies recently)...I think it will be worth $2.50.
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