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Well, I'll have you know I stand by my mayonnaise theory. And you're still a giant douche...

To continue with the "TV show guest star crossovers:"

The hottie from the season premier of "House" (#10 who looked somewhat like Jude Law and was fired by the middle of the episode), is also on "Chuck" as rogue CIA agent Lazslo.

He also happens to have played gay-boy Paul in She's the Man and one of the henchmen dudes in Live Free or Die Hard.

Dude. I love him.

BTW - "Chuck" is easily the best new show on TV this fall. Make sure you're all watching.

PS - His name is actually Jonathan Sadowski and he's awesome. He's from Chicago and graduated from UofI. Additionally, he's filmed a couple episodes of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (with Lena Headey)...whenever that is going to air.
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