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A Large Expanse of Nothingness

I have no real reason to be writing. I guess I could explain my evening, though it wasn't overly eventful. We got our shoes for the wedding. They will be dyed and shipped sometime next week. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, and after, we went out to dinner with the family (hmmm...sounds like I'm in the mob). I was finally able to get out to hang with friends at 10, and then mommy said I had to be home in an hour. The night was pretty much a bust, and when I got to Lewis's new house, it was just him and Candace, so the three of us played Settler's of Catan. By the time we finished, I was 20 minutes passed my mommy-imposed curfew. Oh well, now I'm home, that's all that matters.

I'm getting extremely irritated over the weekend situation. It's Country Thunder, so my sister and parents will basically be gone from Thursday until Sunday (from about noon to midnight each day). This would be good except that I have to babysit Zoe. Also, this weekend is the summer theatre plays, and I really wanted to see all three of them. I was bummed that I couldn't actually work any of the shows since I didn't sign up for Summer Theatre, but I definitely want to see them. However, they are not child friendly, and I probably won't have a car, and now I don't get to see any of them. It's highly upsetting. Also, Saturday is a surprise birthday party for my friend Jenn, who I haven't seen since the end of school, and I practically had to beg Fayanne to watch Zoe for the 5 hours I will be there. This is going to suck big time. I better be paid extra for this. I was never given extra for watching Zoe overnight last Friday, but this is definitely more of a sacrifice. I think I'll have to have people over again, because I will go crazy cooped up at home all weekend.

My second major problem is that tomorrow is Dance Class, but Nikki is at tech, preparing for the Summer Theatre shows, so I don't think I have a ride, or access to a car. What sucks it that the class starts at 5:30, but I usually can't get a car until that time, so in addition of travel time, I would never make it on time. I really want to go, but then again, I really want to see the summer theatre shows.

Wow, this has been an incredibly depressing entry...or at least has made me incredibly depressed. Perhaps I will stop now, before I hash up some more unfortunate things to make me even more depressed. Yuck. Night.

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*When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies
*Can't Always Get What You Want - Matchbox 20 (cover of the Rolling Stone's song)
*Pacified - Blue Sky Roadster
*Sailing - NSYNC (cover of Christopher Cross)
*Wonder - Natalie Merchant
*You Don't Know What Love Is - Jessica Simpson

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