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"I never jumped in and rescued you, though I wanted to" - BNL, Told You So

Mikey's party was fun. He's so cute, and getting so old. Got to hang out with siblings, which always makes me happy. Some extended family too.

Sold a bunch of candy for my chorus fund-raiser. It's really good, because half of what we sell goes to individual private accounts that we can use for trips and stuff. By selling 4 Entertainment Books, I raised $100. $50 of that goes to my use. By the time my mom orders off the candy and nuts and stuff, I will probably have sold $200 there, so $100 will go to me. I might have $40 in my account from last year. And citrus sale is coming up soon too. That's our biggest fund-raiser of the year. I usually hate selling stuff, but I'm all gung-ho this year. I want to earn as much as I can, so mommy won't have to pay as much for the trip to LA.

In other news, my e-mail is being totally wonky. For some reason, I can't seem to retrieve anything. I apologize if you sent me anything and I haven't responded. Blah.

Also, why is it so hard to find what I want on Audiogalaxy? You'd assume that I'd be able to get "I'm a Slave 4 U" rather easily, cus, ya know, it's been released. Nope. I've downloaded so much crap it's annoying. Icky.

Didn't get any homework done today. However, I did go to stage crew, so yay. And! We listened to NSA for part of the day. It rocked. Definitely the highlight was working while singing insanely loudly to the puppies. Yip yip yoo-ray!

I love the All-star Tribute of What's Goin' On!!!! It's so great. It sounds fantastic and is really just incredible. I always get Nelly Furtado's(?) part stuck in my head. I'm not very good with her, so I'm sure if it's actually her, but I think it is. What's going on in the world today, I'd rather be dead than turn my head away...

JC is the best ever.

Ci and I watched "Gone" after everyone left the party tonight. Twice actually. First to watch and oogle. Second to critique. Juppy's little roll around with the chick was totally spawned off of Brit and the guy in Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know. Also, the chick is always wearing pantyhose when you see her legs. Hmmm...wonder what's going on with that. And, in the scene with Just looking in the mirror, he should be wearing black because it's a sad part, but he's still in the white tank. Tsk tsk tsk. Someone wasn't paying attention.

Yay! I finally found the Fred Durst/John Rzeznik cover of Pink Floyd that they did for America: A Tribute to Heroes. I've been looking forever, it's such a great song, and their rendition is fantastic. Happiness. I can't wait for them to release all those songs on an album. I will totally buy it.

Yeah, so I've been rambling a lot. Perhaps it's about bed time. Goodnight everybody!

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