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Everyone knows I'm in over my head, over my head...

I am feeling less angry than earlier.

After I posted, I found myself thinking a great deal about the dreams I've been having lately, as well as the dreams I have most often in general. I realized that the ones I tend to remember are often violent and deal with death and serial killers, specifically running away from them.

Anybody know what that means?

I'll contribute my foul mood to that...


Since 2pm today, I have been studying nearly non-stop (that's 11 hours, for those of you not up to counting). And I'm actually feeling pretty confident. Which scares me. Because I never feel confident for Dr. Martin's exams.

The good news is that I have my alarm set for 10:30am...enough time to get 9 hours of sleep, but it still gives me 2-3 hours to study before class and make sure I haven't forgotten everything.

Oy. T-minus 13 and a half hours...
Tags: art, dreams, school

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