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-We dig him up! -I'm not digging up a body without a court order.


Winter Break is stressing me out BIG time.

Flight from Tampa to O'Hare? $255.
Flight from Tampa to LaGuardia? $259.

What the fuck am I doing traveling at the most expensive time of the year?!

PLUS, when I'm home or in NYC, I'm going to have to spend a SHITLOAD of money. Like...on social events (movies, museums, etc.) and all of my food. Not to mention transportation. Whether it's public or I decide to do something crazy like rent a car (which would then add to money spent on parking, etc.), it's going to be a shitload of money because I plan on being in Deerfield every day.

Don't forget that starting December 1st, I'll have to pay for my health insurance.

I can easily see Winter Break costing me $1100. I just miss my friends...why does that have to be so expensive?

But I have been SO good at not spending a lot of extraneous money. Other than movies and groceries, I haven't been extravagant. I haven't even bought DVDs in the last three weeks. That's CRAZY for me. And I've been searching for sales when I do get excessive items (DVDs, hair dye).

Ugh. I fucking hate money issues.

And to think, I was going to buy some nice posters for the apartment ( is having a 50% sale).
Tags: dvds, money, movies, travel, winter break

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