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-Wh-what is...h-how did you get my espresso machine? -Well...uh...we fuckin' stole it, man.

Movies I Want to See (possibly this weekend, possibly extending into next week):
- The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford
- The Darjeeling Limited
- Rendition
- Michael Clayton
- Gone Baby Gone
- Into the Wild
- Lust, Caution
- Things We Lost in the Fire
- Across the Universe

All are playing near me. The first two are in Winter Park (25 minutes away) and Lust, Caution is at the Enzian (just beyond Winter Park...still 25 minutes away). The others are all just down the street at Waterford Lakes.

Sadly...that's about $67, at least. Because when I'm at Enzian...I feel bad not ordering something. So that's another $5-20, depending on if it's just a drink or food, too.
Tags: enzian, movie theaters, movies

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