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NSYNC in Concert - Definitely an Odyssey Worth Pursuing

Wow, so last night I went to see NSYNC (for the first of two shows). It was absolutely an amazing spectacle to say the least. It was huge with a lot of dancing, a lot of screaming, and even some fantastic singing (chuckle chuckle). Anyway, we decided to leave home at 4:15-ish because we live a half hour from downtown. The ride went exceptionally well with no traffic snags until the lines to file into the stadium parking lot. We were kinda far away, but not so far that we would pass out from the walk. Because they were not letting people in yet when we arrived, we met up with my nephew and his dad (my big sister's ex) and chatted for a while. My nephew, Mikey, had green hair. He's 7 (going on 8 in October) and is such a cutie. He's gonna break hearts when he gets older. We saw them again after the show and Mikey said he wanted to leave during BBMak because it was taking too long for NSYNC to come on. In actuality, two hours after the start of the concert isn't bad. Especially since their were four warm-up acts.

So we get in and take our seats (which were pretty damn good) and the first thing we notice is that we are 4 seats away from the big stage in the middle of the field. (we knew that's where we were, however, we didn't know that this was the place they'd start the concert from. Mikey's dad told us before the concert that they start in the pod thing (that we later saw up there) so while the entire audience is looking towards the stage at the monk-robed people, we stood waiting with our cameras to get the first glimpses of them.) As I may have mentioned before, I'm no boy band extraordinaire, nor am I obsessed, but I must say, when I saw them loading the pod (though most everyone else was watching the stage) I just had to scream. Maybe it was because I saw the shadowy figures of them before anyone else, but either way, it was genuinely exciting.

As for the rest of the concert, it was just cool. Lots of pyrotechnics and fireworks, tons of lights and speaker. By the end of the show you are deaf from the sound and hoarse from the screaming. It was totally awesome. I can't wait to go again tonight. (This time I think we'll bring more film...we took 12 rolls (one of BBMak) and were out before the end of the last song). If you get the opportunity (even if you hate NSYNC) see the show...if nothing else, it's just a lot of fun.

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