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Hallo. Would you like a roll in the hay? It's fun. Roll, roll, roll in the hay!

I'm done with my paper!


Actually, I was done about an hour ago. The final edit went well...I think it's a pretty solid paper.

It's still too long. I only managed to get rid of about 4 lines, so it's 9 and 1/4 pages. Plus a page for endnotes and a page for works cited. Technically, it's 12 printed pages.

Unfortunately, I can't slack off or relax just yet. Always more work to be done, you know.

On the agenda for today:
- Class (at 2:30pm)
- Write one-page response for Women in Film (super's "What is the Production Code?")
- Study for Anthropology Exam (at 10:30am tomorrow)
- Study for Chemistry Exam (at 12pm tomorrow)

Then I'm good for a while. I have a 19th Century Art exam next Monday, and I should start studying for that soon, but I figure I can take a couple days off, mostly to catch up on my TiVo'ed shows. It's getting pretty full.
Tags: art, paper, school, tivo

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