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Another totally awesome survey!!!

Hee hee...the 80s had their good points, they really did.

How old are you?
16 (my birthday is in 5 weeks though)

Do you remember The Cabbage Patch Kids?
Yes, I had about 12 of them.

Did you own a Cabbage Patch Kid with their little birth certificates and think it was the coolest thing in the world?
Of course, that was the best part about them.

Do you remember My Little Pony?
I was *obsessed* with My Little Pony. I had so many, I needed a Xerox box to hold them all. (I was always a big fan of the baby pony, Yo-yo. She was purple with pink hair. I thought it was the coolest.)

Do you remember Rainbow Brite?
Yes. I loved her hair so much.

Do you remember Light Brights and did you own one?
I did actually own a Light-Brite (it was not spelled "bright"), but I lost a lot of the little peg things and I think the light bulb died after about a month.

Do you remember slap bracelets?
Yes. We had so many. I remember mine was bright orange, and my sister had a neon green with black stripes. I was so jealous because I liked the green one better.

Do you remember sit and spins (when the phrase didn't sound bad!)?
Yes, but I never owned one.

Do you remember neon colored clothes?
What wasn't neon back then? My sisters owned a bunch of bright pink and green and orange..

Do you remember shirt ties?
Yes I do. I had a pink one

Do you remember Top Cat?
No. Geez, that's the first thing I haven't heard of.

Can you sing the song from Top Cat?

Do you remember Transformers?
Yes, they were so cool.

Can you sing the song from Transformers?
No, I don't think I could.

Did you have a crush on a Transformer and who?
I can honestly say no. I was still pretty young to have crushes.

Do you remember GI Joe and watched it?
I remember GI Joe, yes, and I think my brother used to watch it.

Do you remember Fraggle Rock?
Of course! Doozers were the best ever!

Do you remember The Garbage Pail Kids?
Sounds familiar, but for the life of me, I can't think of what they were.

Do you remember playing with Barbies?
Yes. I was more obsessed with those than My Little Pony. I played with Barbies until about 5th grade. I might still have a couple, and still enjoy walking down the Barbie aisle in Toys R Us.

What was the coolest accessory you had for Barbie (ex: ice cream parlor)?
I had a white Ferrari convertable, and this water park thing with a pool, water slide, fountain, and concession stand.

Do you remember checking to see if Ken was anatomically correct?
I never really cared that he wasn't, but I remember when they started giving him built-in-underware. I think all Barbie's have that now.

Do you remember being completely in love with NKOTB?
I never was, but my cousins had a NKOTB video tape that they would force me to watch a lot.

Do you remember Debbie Gibson?
Well, when I saw her open for the puppies, I remembered some of her songs, but I don't think I was overly aware of her while in the 80s.

Do you remember when your only worry was what to watch on TV?
Yes. It was a big concern when I was younger.

Do you remember learning the dance to "The Right Stuff"?
I did not.

Do you remember The Care Bears?
Care Bear countdown, 5-4-3-2-1! They were the best!

Who was your favorite Care Bear?
Cheer Bear was always so happy.

Do you remember a time when knowing that Smurfette was the only female on The Smurfs didn't make you wanna laugh?
Hee hee, yes. We watched the Smurfs in French last year and all realized how wrong it was that she was the only one. Ah, innocence.

Do you remember when going to school was all about seeing your friends and not schoolwork?
Isn't that what it's about now? Actually, yes. First grade there was no actual schoolwork, it was all fun and friends.

Do you remember playing Atari? (LOL! Pong! What a game!)
We never had Atari. We got Nintendo when it came out in '88 though.

Do you remember 8-tracks and actually listened to them?
Never had them. But I had a few cassettes. Cool ones too. In third grade I listened to Aerosmith "Get a Grip", Bon Jovi "Keep the Faith" along with Mariah Carey (when she was good), Amy Grant, and the MMC one. (I wish I knew where that was, because Justin may have been on it. Damn it!)

Do you remember Alf?
Who didn't love Alf? He was so cool.

Do you remember Pound Puppies? Who was the leader of the pack?
They were so cool. Pound Purries too, especially cus I'm a cat person. I don't remember the leader.

Do you remember glass pop bottles that you took back to the grocery store for a refund?

Do you remember when the year 2000 seemed so long away and you weren't sure it would come?
Yes, it was over 10 years away. Children don't think that far into the future.

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