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And I'd be inclinded to be yours for the taking and part of this terrible mess that you're making...

So far today, I've worked on my paper for about 7.5 out of the 10 hours I've been awake.

It's going very slowly.

You know those days when the words just don't come and every line you write is like pulling teeth?

Yeah. That's today.

But I'm pushing through. I just went on a dinner break to Panera and Starbucks. So now I have warm soup in my belly (and a half sandwich in the fridge for later) and an iced coffee on my side table. Plus, I got a chance to enjoy the beautiful's 74 degrees currently (I had my windows down! The whole time I was in the car! It's the first time I didn't use my air conditioner at all in MONTHS!).

The good news is that I'm done with Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, and it's the perfect length (2 out of 4 single-spaced pages). So now I can move on to Mary Cassatt. Hopefully that will go a little quicker.
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