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When I turn out the light, you're out of sight, though I know that I'm not alone...

First off, I'm super cool. It's 1am on a Friday night and I'm writing a paper. (Lame.)

The good news is that I'm about 1/4 of the way through it and I've been heavily distracted this entire time. I can't wait to see how much I get done when I can actually concentrate. (Two of the roommies just left for a party, so its gotten considerably quieter. I might be able to bound out the next fourth...but probably not because I'm really tired.)

Second, I'm a big geek but I'm kinda digging the Chicago Manual style. It totally kicks MLA's ass. Endnotes are far superior to internal citations, plus you get to use ibid. Though I think "ibid." is a stupid abbreviation, because it only eliminates two letters. At least "etc." gets rid of 5 letters and a space.

Bottom line: endnotes are awesome.

Third, I am increasingly grateful for Facebook. It's so much easier to post a wall message than send an email, plus, if it's some sort of information that could benefit others, they can easily view it. I'm not entirely sure that made sense, but I Facebook'ed Candace about my proposed dates for Winter Break, and Amanda was able to respond to me that she would be overlapping. Sweet.

Additionally, it allows one to quickly access friends. I thought (foolishly) that after college it would be easier to keep in touch with people. However, I think we've spread out farther than before. It makes sense, I just didn't anticipate it.

Similarly, it's easier to keep up with people's lives by stalking their profile and wall. You can generally find any big news without even having to fish for it. Now, I still think writing legitimate emails is far superior to a Facebook message, and I certainly use that form of communication often. However, a wall message : email :: text message : phone call. (Yeah, you liked that.)

Fourth, why do we use the term "emails?" Theoretically, the plural form of email is "email." But it sounds odd to say, "I sent 7 email this morning."

And done.
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