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I'll gladly climb your walls, if you'll meet me halfway...

My winter break plans will hopefully include time spent in Chicago and New York. However, I currently have many restrictions for my 31 days off.

December 7: Last day of finals
December 8-14: Dave, Katie, and Samantha at Disney
December 25: Christmas...I should be in Spring Hill
December 28-January 1: Michael and Anthony at Disney
January 1-4: Michael and Anthony in Spring Hill
January 7: First day of Spring Semester

This leave me roughly from the 12th to the 24th to get to Chicago and New York. But I need to see when Candace will be in either place. And as an added kink, Fayanne and Brad will be coming down at some point.

Any bets that they decide to come during those 12 days that I am currently expendable?

I'm hoping that they arrive in the time after Christmas, though. It would work so nicely with my plans.

Note to self: coordinate with Candace and start checking airfare.

On the upside, I can get some nonstop flights from Tampa -> O'Hare -> LaGuardia -> Tampa for about $300. That sucks, but it's $100 per flight. Not terrible. And nonstop.

My only issue...where the hell am I going to stay in Chicago? Caitlin has graciously offered her futon in Hyde Park...but getting from O'Hare to Hyde Park sucks ass. And getting from Hyde Park to anywhere else is going to suck. I wish I could have a car while there...
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