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My Daily Update (happy Chris??)

Because my lovely sister has been bugging me to update my journal today (slack! stop reading my journal and get back to work!), I shall. Though not too much has been happening today. I discovered the greatness of cooking cookies in the toaster oven. If you only want to make a few cookies at a time, you take the pre-made dough and slap a few wads on the pan and bake. Voila, as easy as that. Zoe and I had fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies with lunch. Yum.

Computers are evil. Actually, I love them, but they are so horrible. After watching Mists of Avalon yesterday, I borrowed my sister's copy of the book so that I could read it. Today, I'm in the middle of the second chapter, and I start up my know, for when I decide I will use it. I continue reading, and then decide I will check my mail. It only takes a second because it's mostly junk.

Anyway, the point of this (which i started writing 20 MINUTES ago) is that it's easy to get distracted on the internet. First, I was reading some NSYNC slash (shameful, but good), and my sister starts saying she's bored at work, and needs me to update my journal. Okay. Then I check more mail, and start going to links I got from people...some NSYNC pictures, some websites that are just cool...whatever. Now, not only have I not been reading the slash story I started about an hour ago, but I have been ignoring my journal. Then more friends sign on, and I talk to them, and have to go to their updated websites. So much trouble!!

Okay, I'm back to my entry...tonight, I'm going with my sister's to get shoes for the wedding. It's coming up so soon. Less than six weeks. After, I plan on going out with some friends. I haven't seen everyone since SATURDAY. That was so long ago. I went to the movie with Candace and JC on Sunday, and talked to Lewis on the phone yesterday, but it's totally wrong that I've been home with parents for two nights in a row. (Drama queen you say? Probably, but's insane). Also, ma meilleiure amie, Allie, is back from Costa Rica, so I'll have to get together with her sometime before she leaves for the Mediterranean Cruise in August.

Anywho, it's 3:30 now and I haven't even taken a shower or gotten dressed. I'll write back later, I'm sure of it.

:::The Mix Music (radio 101.9):::
*Babylon - David Gray
*When It's Over - Sugar Ray
*Commercials (right, that's why I listen to mp3s)
*Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) - Blessed Union of Souls
*Round Here - Counting Crows (I love this song)
*Mad Season - Matchbox Twenty
*The Difference - The Wallflowers
*Sometimes Want to Die - Joy Drive
*More Commercials
*Praise You - Fat Boy Slim
*I Don't Want to Miss A Thing - Aerosmith (definitely not their best, but hey, it's Aerosmith)
*Hey Pretty - Poe
*Dave Fogle song please Dave.
*Commercials (screw this, no more radio)

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