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You don't want to hurt me, but see how deep the bullet lies...

I'm more than a little pissed at CBS right now.

Jorja Fox is leaving "CSI" in November. It's mostly due to money issues and upsets me so very much.

I love Sara. :-(

They're already planting the seed that she's off the show (she and Gil can't work together because they're in a relationship and thus, she'll be moving to the "swing shift"), and it's making me bitter and angry. Plus, the end of Thursday's episode when she's the only one not in a go-kart made me really sad.

The show doesn't work when they get rid of people, or redistribute and make half of them work the day shift (though the Catherine + Nick/Warrick themes were excellent during that season). I'm nervous for how the show will cope. They better not try to bring in someone new. That only works for lab technicians and cops (like Hodges, Archie, and Sofia...all of whom kick ass). I don't think I could handle a new CSI.


If I didn't like "How I Met Your Mother" so much, I'd swear you off completely!


In an unrelated note to Zoe:

I was right about Jason Schwartzman. His mother, Talia Shire, was born Talia Coppola. She changed her name upon marrying David Shire in 1970. They divorced and she married Jack Schwartzman in 1980 (and remained married to him until his death in 1994).

So it was his mother who had the Coppola name. And "Schwartzman" was not arbitrarily chosen (like "Cage"). :-p
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