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-We're talking about 42 kilometers! -Thanks, Canada. I'll take it from's like 26 miles!

I've been having very vivid dreams lately, and quite often too. Definitely the last 3 or 4 nights, and a few here and there in the past week or so.

Some are crazy and out there (like the epic I posted last week), whereas others are most certainly taken almost exclusively from my personal life events.

Last night was one of those skips-around-from-scene-to-scene-with-no-real-common-link dreams.

It started in Chicago. I was searching for an apartment in the city, but the neighborhood I was in had suffered a series of damaging fires, so there was destruction everywhere. Then, I was a detective investigating robberies that had taken place (presumably at the same time as the fires) and had very odd circumstances, like the thieves had taken food from the refrigerator along with the DVD player.

[Comments: The apartment hunting I blame on Candace, because we talked recently of her struggle to find an apartment in NYC. The robbery is clearly from my own experience with the subject a week ago. I think the food stolen represents the fact that I really need to go grocery shopping.]

Then (and this is where it gets weird), I was with a man and his two sons (ages about 11 and 13) and we were hiking/cross-country snowboarding (if that's even was in my dream) through the Appalachian Mountains, which were very snowy, but calm, clear, and crisp. I was definitely not a mother to the boys, but I could have been a nanny/governess, or the father's girlfriend. At one point, we came to an oasis-type thing, with a small waterfall leading to a fresh water pond. In the snow bank along the pond (and I kid you not, this was actually a huge part of my dream), we saw something shiny and gold. After digging it out of the snow, we discovered it was Marvin Hamlisch's Emmy award. (I looked it up, he's won three, so it's quite possible one is lost in the snows of the Appalachian Mountains.) I had the man I was with take a picture of the Emmy for proof and we got out a map to mark where it was, so that we could let Marvin Hamlisch know.

[Comments: I'm thinking the nanny/governess role comes from my reading "Emma," particularly because last night I read a portion about Jane Fairfax's plan to go to an agency and be placed as a governess in a gentleman's home. The mountains and snow I'm not sure about, though the Weather Channel yesterday did run a story about a terrible snowstorm in the 80's that lead to 8' snow drifts. The Emmy's were just a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure Marvin Hamlisch was on an episode of "The Nanny" that I saw recently. Though both of those are still insanely odd.]

Then, I was at Wilmot Elementary School and I wasn't teaching, but I was aiding a 3rd grade teacher on the first day of school (that informal, half-day). We were assigning the kids lockers and letting them make decorations for the front, and I remember I kept having to remind myself to address them as "class" and not "campers." I was also in charge of giving them little circles of tape with which to put up their decorations. I kept seeing people I went to high school with (Lauren Pais was there, and I think Teddy Brenner) and explained to them that I wasn't teaching, I was just a super-super-super-super Senior. Carl Menninger was there too, and I was telling him that I had just had a dream about him (which I did, the one I told Candace about with Broadway in the shopping mall).

[Comments: I have no idea. There was a bit of the dream-within-a-dream thing, whereas I was conscious that I had previously dreamt about Carl, though not conscious of the fact that this was another dream. I'm sure there's something about my guilt about not returning to the Park District, or my regret for not following the somewhat-easy path of becoming a teacher.]

The last part featured Candace and a cruise ship, where we were trying to navigate the ship from service hallways below decks and there were a lot of dingy, white corridors and white metal staircases. There were some really unstable gangways that didn't lead anywhere.

[Comments: The cruise ship is because Zoe will be working on one very soon (if all goes well) and Candace just seems to be popping up places. I'm sure that navigating empty corridors and treacherous staircases has some really profound meaning, too.]

So that's craziness, but I don't have time to actually analyze it. Must shower and go get my hair cut (it's super long, so I'm going to make it super short).

Later, I'll be driving back to Orlando and most likely seeing The Jane Austen Book Club, because it came out two days ago and I haven't seen it yet!
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