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You just won't succeed on Broadway, if you don't have any Jews...

First off, the staff at the Enzian is starting to recognize me. It's not necessarily a bad thing, the three people who mentioned it are nice people. However, it makes me embarrassed that I'm always there alone. Like..."oh, that girl is back. Alone, again."

In their defense, I've been there 6 times in 9 days. It's nice to have a pleasant rapport with people I see somewhat frequently. I just hate always being there on my own.

(The Enzian is an independent, nonprofit, café movie theater that shows foreign, independent and documentary films. It's set up with tables and a waitstaff, they serve food and drinks...the french dip is ridiculously good. It's awesome, I love it...but I'm always sitting at a table for two...all by myself.)

Second, Nathan Fillion was on "Ellen" today and he was so fabulous and charming and told an amazing story about how he acquired a cat and I adore him. SO glad he's joined the cast of "Desperate Housewives" and when I get a free 24 hours of my life, I need to watch "Firefly."

Third, I still enjoy "Kid Nation," as a partially guilty pleasure. It's just so good.


This afternoon, my roommate Jane and I worked out (I know, right?) at the fitness room in the office. Basically, I walked on a treadmill for an hour. It was kind boring, but did feel good.

And tonight, Anna and I are probably seeing a movie. I'm a little nervous that she'll want to see something that a) is crappy or b) I've already seen...but I'm sure I'll agree with anything she wants.

EDIT: The movie fell through, and instead, I was dragged off to a bar. It was pretty crappy (very crowded, smelly, with a wet floor). And I wasn't drinking because I didn't have the cash, so I couldn't enjoy that part of it, and I never loosened up enough to dance. Overall, I really shouldn't have gone, but I felt bad making Anna go alone. It could have been worse, though, and once we got outside, things looked up. Except the guys she was meeting were kinda total jerks. Every once in a while they would say something that made me cringe and want to get the hell away from them before they got themselves into a fight. Eh, what's done is done.


Finally, I just got off the phone after a 1 hour and 20 minute conversation with Candace, which was fabulous. I'm pretty sure that's about 7000 times longer than any other phone call I've had with Candace, so it was nice that it flowed so well.

AND! I now have a general plan to visit her in NYC over winter break!!! I'm SO SUPER excited! The Met! The MoMA! Broadway! And a free place to stay. I am SO there.
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