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-Got a new cane. -Yeah. Guy in the store said it was slimming. Vertical stripe...

For those of you watching "House," the following are my favorite of his entourage:
-6 (or 9), Kal Penn
-10, the hottie that helped break into the woman's house and some-what resembles Jude Law (he's not the brightest, but he is uber sexy)
-13, the kick-ass brunette (who is both hot and smart)
-18, the awesome black guy who washed the car the middle of the episode, #10 was fired. :-(

He was really hot, dudes.

Also, if I haven't mentioned it before...I love the House/Cameron dynamic. It's more than just the sexual tension (which is rather awesome), but I like how she asks the uncomplicated questions and acts as his conscience. She better be in it more. I know I said I didn't...but I missed her (and Chase and Foreman).
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