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I hit the highway in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling...

Just a small question about alphabetization (because apparently I've forgotten everything I've learned in elementary school):

If I were to alphabetize the following three film titles, what would the order be?
- The Kingdom
- King Kong
- The King of Kong

My guess:
1) King Kong
2) The King of Kong
3) The Kingdom

The thing I'm hesitant about is the "of" versus "...dom," but I believe that the singular term "King" would come before "Kingdom," regardless of what word follows.

Just verifying that I'm not dumb. :-)

Also, I really enjoyed The Kingdom.

It was pretty typical, to be somewhat uninventive. But Jason Bateman was really excellent and funny. Jennifer Garner and Chris Cooper were spot-on, though Jamie Foxx could have been better. And (sadly) Jeremy Piven should have been kicked out of the cast entirely.

Overall, the story was engaging, and though it didn't really go too far in-depth, it did display some cross-cultural differences while also showing similarities. There was a bit of government corruption and the entire film could have easily taken place in the US without the Saudi story line (hence the uninventive-ness). I'd recommend it, as entertaining and mildly thought provoking.
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