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The harder they hit me, the less I seem to bruise...

So I watched the season premieres of "CSI," "Chuck," "Desperate Housewives," and "Brothers & Sisters."

All were absolutely wonderful. And three of the four had me in tears...huh.

I almost had a heart attack watching "CSI," but of course everything worked out well in the end. Gil + Sara = OTP. (Time I cried: Sara opening her eyes to see Gil sitting beside her on the helicopter.)

"Chuck" was highly entertaining and very well done. Captain Awesome was the best thing ever and it was just very well done. I'm excited to see the next episode.

"Desperate Housewives" was, as always, crazy. I'm super excited that Nate Fillion has joined the cast and hopefully he'll last longer than the Applewhites. I'm not holding my breath, because I think the point is that no one stays on Wisteria Lane for long...or at least not when they are hiding a deep, dark secret. I figure he has at least 9-12 episodes, if not an entire season. (Time I cried: Lynette revealing her cancer and the women vowing not to keep secrets any longer.)

As usual, I enjoyed the hectic melodrama of the Walkers on "Brothers & Sisters." I thought it was really creative to do the voiceover/recaps of what everyone was doing over the summer through a video message from Nora to Justin. Similarly, having Rebecca give her analysis of the family at the end was beautiful and profound. (Time I cried: Rebecca's video message when she points out each character's greatest good and greatest flaw, which were generally the same.)

So that was all well and good.

Then I spent about a half hour pounding out an email to my mom. I haven't yet told her about the weekend events, so I tried to make it as nonchalant and fact-oriented as possible. She freaks out over everything, so I know this will get her in a tizzy, thinking the worst about something that isn't that big of a deal. I really don't want her to worry about me...for one thing, it means she will start calling more.

I'm not sending the email until she's at work tomorrow. Monday mornings are hard enough, I don't want to distract her with that.
Tags: brothers and sisters, csi, desperate housewives, robbery, tv

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