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Sorry, Mom. I have a strict "No Ruffles" policy.

Also, seeing Sydney White today was like a visual sex-fest.

First, there was a preview for Atonement and I was so excited, I may have done a combination gasp-squeal. Most of the audience was ogling the fair James McAvoy, and while he is rather dishy...I only have eyes for one. *swoon*

Directly after, there was the Elizabeth: The Golden Age preview, and my uterus jumped for joy at the site of that testosterone-driven hunk of a man, Clive Owen. That curly hair and that little beard and he's just walking sex.

Well, then there was the actual movie. And I just love Amanda Bynes so very much. She's so cute, and sweet, and her characters are always so genuinely good. You can't help but love her quirkiness.

The "I'm a dork" part at the end reminded me of In & Out. *Snort*

It was really an endearing movie, and I'll own it and watch it over and over and over again (just like What a Girl Wants and She's the Man).

Hollywood eye candy. You gotta love it.


In other news, there were the most annoying women behind me at the movie today. I should have seen it coming as they gabbed all the way through the previews. Then, one woman came in late, right during the opening credits, and her first comment was, "I don't even know what this movie is about," which spawned a full minute of at least three of them throwing out major plot points. You know what else would have helped her figure out what the movie is about? Shutting the fuck up and letting her WATCH THE MOVIE! Then....THEN! They decided to see how many of the seven dwarfs they could name!

The talking continued through many major moments and was much more than just, "oh, that's funny," or anything like that. At one point, Sydney is introducing all of the boys in her house and after each one, they practically shouted out the corresponding dwarf!

Oh god, it might have been worse that the two chicks who giggled and rattled on in Spanish throughout Babel. Or the fucking teenagers in Blood and Chocolate who held cell phone conversations, then proceeded to yell back and forth things like "shut up," "YOU shut up," and "shut the FUCK up!"

It was definitely in my top three "worst movie experiences ever."


Now that that's out of the way...

My roommates' parents (the Russians) are in town. I love them, they are hilarious. There's a lot of Russian tossed around that I don't understand, but some of it I can catch the gist of.

With them, they brought two dogs (an ugly but lovable little pomeranian and something that resembles a small version of an Australian Shepherd...aka Allie's dog, Bailey), so that's amusing.

Also, two gallons of paint, so tonight, we all painted the living room a dark-ish brown (it was described to me as "Coach brown"...the darker, logo brown, not the lighter, canvas-y brown). It looks pretty good, but it doesn't go as well with the furniture a they say it does. It will take getting used to, but it's nice to have it painted. White walls can drive a woman insane. My back aches a little already, and I expect tomorrow will feel stiff.

I swear there was something else, but now I have plumb forgot. I have to wake up early (the first movie is at 10:30, so I have to leave at 9:30-ish), so I'm going to read a chapter of "Emma" (it's taking too long just reading before/between classes...I need to read at home, too), then I'm going to bed.

Bonne nuit, mes petits.
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