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That guy is tense. Tension is a killer. I used to be in a barbershop quartet in Skokie, Illinois.

I mentioned once how I have dreams that are on-par with Hollywood movies, but I think this one takes the cake.

Actually, the dream I had was like a sequel, and for a while after waking up I wracked my brain to discover if the original had been an actual movie, before deciding that I had dreamed it before. But if I haven't dreamed it before, then I had one hell of a backstory to this dream.

Warning: this is mostly for my own memory's sake, so I apologize if you don't follow it.

I don't remember quite how it began, but the first thing I remember was going into what was presumably a school, a high school, with two people...friends and possibly still students, perhaps alumni, like myself.

We had gone to see the office of a particular teacher, a man feared by all students and who caused confusion in faculty. The "original" dream was when I was his student. And I don't remember how that all ended (presumably him in jail, but he was back now, so I'm not entirely sure...).

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The teacher is Kevin Spacey (I'm not even kidding, he was clear as day in my dream), and I think I was calling him "Mr. Tingle" (funny, because of the Helen Mirren movie, but much darker). Mr. Tingle kills students. He cuts them up into little bits and they disappear off the map. No one can ever prove that he has done anything, though students occasionally see clues (a drop of blood on his shoe, perhaps). Other teachers can't believe the kids, though they suspect something weird with Mr. Tingle. There's just something about him (you know...that he's a serial killer).

I think that in the "original," I had discovered his actual secret. Or that he had given me the run-around, but never actually done me in. Because I was still alive for my dream.

Anyway, the first scene, I'm with two people, going back to his locked office. We're sneaking around, not because I don't want to see him, necessarily, but because it's never good to come unannounced. We find a current student (a young boy, reminiscent of Jared Garfield) in the hall and he tells us something. It could be a warning about that the "mysterious disappearances" have increased lately.

As we're about to leave, the door handle to the outer office/anteroom chamber turns and my two friends and myself duck under a table, while the young kid runs off down a hall at full speed. Our hiding space is clearly not good and he addresses me with sock and almost disappointment when he says, "Gail?" Like I was foolish for trying to deceive him, even if it were only hiding beneath a folding table.

I get up and give him a long, tearful and impromptu speech. I don't think it was my original purpose in going there to see him, but I say that it was, and the speech I give is entirely honest to my character. I told him how I realize now that what he did had value and taught lessons. I tell him that I learned an immense amount from him and just wanted to thank him and apologize for whatever happened between us previously. (By the end, I am crying and he's looking sympathetic, though his is clearly an act.)

I leave (my friends have disappeared), and it turns out that we're wandering around a Wal-Mart (as though the school turned into it). I feel disconnected from my body as I go up and down aisles, feeling like I've dodged a bullet by being able to walk away from Mr. Tingle, but also wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. I find other students, huddling and hiding, all trying to avoid Tingle. I feel almost guilty. Terrible things are happening (children being killed) and I know about it, but I don't do anything to stop it. [This is the part where the TV I watched infected my brain immensely. The Wal-Mart connection is from "The Colbert Report" showing clips of that no-advertisement news show that doesn't cut away for commercials, but has a million and one plugs for Wal-Mart. One group of students was in a huddled group of three, which I swear was Cameron, Chase, and Foreman from "House." And me standing around, or walking by, when there could be something I could do is like that kid tasered at the University of Florida. I even had the thought like "what could I do against these authority figures?" (There were security guards who were hassling them, and possibly rounding them up, or asking questions about certain people to be rounded up, for Mr. Tingle.)]

At one point, as I'm walking through the store, there is a shot of Mr. Tingle in a sterile white room with an odd, white, short-sleeve jumpsuit and his shoes off. The shoes are against the wall and are covered in blood. He's looking himself over in the mirror. Cut back to me and I find myself walking in the store, and Mr. Tingle comes out from one of those back areas. We bump into each other, his arm hits me just above my stomach and I apologize and quickly try to get out of his way.

So I'm walking toward the exit, trying to mind my own business while others are clearly suffering. I leave the store (after having to go through a security checkpoint (very weird indeed), and I meet up with Amanda in the parking lot. It's been a while since I've seen her and we go through the niceties and I offer to give her a ride home. We get to where my car should be parked (in a back row, butted up against a row of houses behind a chain-link fence, with a main road just a few parking spaces to our left). I know before I approach that my car is missing. I click the unlock button on my key fob, so that the lights will flash and I'll be able to see where it is, but the only car who's light flash is a pick-up truck that is right in front of me. There's also an odd click, like the shutter of a camera. I walk a ways down the aisle and try again. This time, it's a small sedan in front of me, who's lights flash at the very same moment a sound like a shutter clicks. (It's as though my picture is being taken, and I know it is.) So I try to find the camera and take a bunch of pictures in a row of me looking confused, throwing my hands up in the air, and shaking my though trying to send a message to Mr. Tingle (who I am sure is getting these picture) that I didn't mean to do him any harm and that I wanted nothing to do with him. I wasn't going to pursue him any longer and I didn't want him to pursue me.

But at some point (I think before the whole car-is-missing thing), I'm talking to Amanda in the parking lot and I bring up that I saw Mr. Tingle and she says something like, "Ugh, not Tingle again! I thought we were done with that." As though it was something I had been obsessed with in high school (aka - the "original") and that some of my friends, perhaps, didn't subscribe to the same notion that he was a serial killer of students.

It was sometime around this point (probably after the photos are taken) when I realize that there is a blood stain on my shirt, just above my stomach, where Mr. Tingle's arm had hit me. I'm sure this is transfer from his latest victim, but before I can explain to Amanda, a car comes flying down the aisle and we have to leap out of it's way. I am fairly certain that this is a) my car and b) being driven by Mr. Tingle. At this point, I'm waking up, so my mind fills in the story in two ways.

Ending one: he drives straight out of the parking lot (to the sound of squealing breaks and car horns as others try to avoid hitting him). He may use my car in some sort of way to frame me for the mysterious deaths of some students.

Ending two: he drive my car straight into traffic and is hit. All the while, I'm running after the car and clicking the key fob, hoping to get a picture of him driving (though he would most likely be in possession of that picture). It exits the car, uninjured and runs away, not to be caught on any camera or record. Police come and ask me about my car, assume I was driving, don't believe my story about Tingle, ask about the blood on my shirt, etc. I am possibly arrested and suspected of murder.

At this point, I wake up and (as mentioned before) try to decide if the ideas in this dream were mostly original or based on a movie I'd seen. As far as I can tell, the only film in which Kevin Spacey plays a serial killer is Seven (or just a murderer in The Usual Suspects). And it's certainly not based on Teaching Mrs. Tingle, because it's more like Disturbia (but on a grander scale) or one of those late 1990's teenage-horror films, like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. Ooo...I suppose a source could be The Faculty, where the teachers are aliens. But in this case it's one man who's a serial killer.

I think with some tweaking, it could become a fully-formed movie, and while it kind of creeped me out, I was more in awe of the fact that Kevin Spacey was in my dream and I had real, face-to-face contact with him (well...if by "real" I mean "in dream world"). Besides, I've had dreams about serial killers before. Kevin Spacey is a new one.

So that was all a little crazy and I don't know what I'll do with it, but perhaps some day, years from now, I'll remember that I had a crazy dream that might make a good movie if it were expanded on and polished, and I'll look back here. I guess that's what the tags are for.
Tags: dreams, kevin spacey, movies

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