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I'm guessing that none of you watch "Kid Nation," but it's kind of my new guilty pleasure.

It's really interesting to see how a bunch of kids (aged 8-15) deal with living on their own. Last week, they had a choice between getting 7 outhouses or 1 TV set, and I was a bit surprised, but pleased, to see them pick the toilets.

This week...the kids decided that they needed real meat, so they all decided to kill a chicken for dinner. And they actually showed on TV a group of kids (probably about 11 of them) around a stump. They didn't actually air the beheading, but there was definitely a shot of the flapping chicken, with it's head on the group nearby. They went on to show them plucking the feathers off, then de-gutting, cleaning, and cooking said chicken.

Hence, the "HOLY CRAP!" A) How crazy for kids to decide to behead a chicken? B) How insane that so many of them watched? C) How upsetting that they showed a flapping chicken, sans head, on national television?

This is my new favorite show.

Also, temperatures got below freezing, so the water pumps they were using froze. A few thought to pour hot water down the pump to help it thaw, and it worked. It's really amazing to see inventive and intelligent young people.


Final note, I'm continuing my "one movie a day" week and went to see Eastern Promise this afternoon. It was solid. It could have been great, but it was good enough. Tomorrow, I'm thinking either Sydney White (I know! I can't believe I haven't seen it yet, either!!) or 2 Days in Paris. Possibly both. We'll see.

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