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It's possible that hell has frozen over.

Or (to make a Monopoly reference) that there was a bank error in my favor.

My 19th Century Art exam grade was posted.

And I didn't fail.

I didn't even get a C.

I got a 84.

My first thought was: "[my professor] gave me the wrong number." See, we are given random numbers (mine is 12) and the grades are posted as such. And next to 12 was an 84.

My second thought was: "I'm looking at the wrong sheet...this must be his Baroque class." But it was definitely ARH 4430 - 19th Century Art.

My third thought was: "the scantrons got mixed up and some poor sap got my failing grade."

My final thought was: "I should go in and review my scantron so that the poor sap who got my failing grade instead of his/her 84 gets proper credit."

But I really don't want to tempt fate. So I think I'll just praise the art history gods (in this case, Winkelmann and Benjamin West probably helped me the most).

And I decided on a topic for my extra credit paper (which I am most certainly still planning to do...as to not tempt the aforementioned fate). Assuming he doesn't make me change it, I'll be comparing/contrasting Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun's "Marie Antoinette and Her Children" with Mary Cassatt's "The Bath." I figure there will be plenty to write about, including the way women were essentially forced to paint maternal subjects, and plenty to contrast between the Neoclassical and Realist styles and the formal versus informal subjects. Though I didn't do any preliminary research, so I'm not sure how hard it will be to find reference sources. I checked my text book and Gardner's and neither has much written about either work, so I'm really banking on being able to find some good "women in art" books in the library.



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Sep. 23rd, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)
Hey hey pretty lady. Looks like you hoodwinked the fates and got a good grade. Either that, or your five hours of frenzied studying actually paid off! Either way, woohoo to you. I still like the topic of your paper, and liked it even more once I looked at the Vigee-Lebrun and went, "Ohhhh, that one!"

Um, also, Nikki & I saw Sydney White today. It was super adorable, she plays such good, quirky characters, and it actually had a good message, and actually pretty clever ways of using the Snow White story and making a modern tale. PLus, you know, this White helped herself out instead of looking like a 12-year-old girl who can only clean.... Plus, the bitch nemesis looks oddly like a blonde Monique. Heh heh.
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