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I wasn't going to do this, but...

Overall tonight's Emmy Awards have been subpar. Very few of the people I actually watch on the shows I actually like have won. (Exceptions being Katherine Heigl and "The Daily Show." Also, I was rooting for Jenna Fischer, but I do enjoy Jaime Pressly, so that's wasn't too upsetting.)

Also, Helen Mirren is so fabulous, words can't explain. She explicitly dragged out her acceptance speech because she loves the dramatic music they use to kick people off stage.

And Lewis Black is over the top, but always so right-on. He might have been the funniest part of the entire show! (Though it was entirely irrelevant to the show...he didn't even present an award!)

Finally, a notable mention to Tina Fey, who is not only adorable, but hilarious. In her acceptance speech for "30 Rock" winning best comedy series she thanked "[their] dozens and dozens of viewers." Though I think the best moment was when Ricky Gervais wasn't able to accept his award, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (who were giving the award) decided to give it to Steve Carell, who then ran up on stage and they were all jumping around and hugging each other, and it ended in a three-way hug** that made me miss the good ol' days of The Daily Show when Steve and Stephen were still on.

But my issues with the show are numerous:
- Theater in the round only works if you utilize all sides. They've essentially put an audience on the sides and back of a proscenium show (I feel really bad for the people sitting behind the hard is it to have presenters turn around?)
- The presenter jokes are irrelevant to the category and FAR too long (I liked "The Office" one, but I can see where people who are not fans of the show would be confused and bored)
- The "relevant one-liners" montage was crap (to put it nicely)
- It's super "Sopranos"-centric
- They've made the Emmys into American Idol (and not just because of Ryan Seacrest). They lowered the bar instead of elevating it
- NPH didn't win (though as soon as I found out Jeremy Piven was in the category, I knew he was screwed)


**Note the awesomeness. It just makes me happy.
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