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I need to work on time management.

I should be studying for my 19th Century Art exam (which is going to be super hard and I will most likely get a C), but the Emmy preshow is on. And next is the second Emmy preshow. And then there's the actual award show.

So theoretically, I should have studied earlier. But earlier today, I was at Disney.

So I should have studied last night, and I was intending on it, because I thought my roommates were going to go out again...but then they didn't. And I didn't want to be anti-social (because we had a couple out-of-town guests), so I hung around with them.

Then yesterday during the day, the UCF football game (the first one in the new stadium) was on ESPN. And I had to watch. Because it's kinda a HUGE deal around here and I didn't want to be the only one to not watch. (We only lost by 3 to Texas, which is awesome, because they are 6th in the nation and we're...not.) And before that, I had gone to see The Brave One.

On Friday, I had class, then watched "Dr. Zhivago" (the British version with Keira Knightley) to celebrate the end of the week. Later that night, we all went there were several hours of a full apartment getting ready and pregaming and studying would have been distinctly impossible.

The day before was full of classes and grocery shopping and Cowboys at really...when was I supposed to study?

(The clear answer is: right now and turn off the Emmys, but fuck that.)

The upside, the ladies on the red carpet are all looking very good. Highlights:
- Tina Fey (super adorable)
- Kate Walsh (in an amazing red dress)
- Ellen and Portia both look incredible
- Jenna Fischer has a really pretty dress
- Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a really nice purple
- Rachel Griffiths who's sporting an excellent black dress and the sweet aussie accent

Honorable mention for the men, William H. Macy has a really good look going on. It's a little "debonair in the 1870s," but nice. And Neil Patrick Harris is smokin' in all black Prada. HOT!

Dudes...the 4th Indy movie has a name: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

And, Kal Penn is joining the case of "House, M.D." as one of the new lackies (they're starting with a half-dozen or so and "kicking" them off).
Tags: award shows, emmys, movies, nph, roommates, school, tv

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