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Take me to a place so holy that I can wash this from my mind...

Heath insurance stresses me out.

Particularly because I know that the US heath insurance industry sucks. Partially because I can't find the information I need.

Technically, I think I can wait until November to enroll (when I turn 23 and get kicked off my dad's insurance plan), but I can't find anywhere that tell me if an "annual" plan will cover me in the summer after I graduate, or if on May 3rd, I'm out of insurance again.

The good news is, because I got in-state tuition after I took out a student loan as an out-of-state student, I have the money to pay for insurance this year.

On the upside, UCF is currently beating Texas in the first 10 minutes of our first home game in the new stadium. I don't really care about football, nor the new stadium. But a better athletics program -> more money for the school as a whole -> trickle down to the liberal arts programs I actually care about. Granted, it won't be in my time here...but we are the 6th largest school in the nation, so it's about damn time we had a football stadium (or whatever).

Heh...the new stadium has Thorgard (the lightning detection system that Deerfield has at all it's schools and parks). That's awesome.

Eh...I'm so not in the mood for all of this. Where's my chocolate?
Tags: chocolate, football, insurance, money, school

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