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I know what Chloe says, but let's just cross that bitch when we get to it.

I had a lot of grand plans for today.

After class at 3:30, I was going to go to Publix and do my grocery shopping.

Then, I was going to study for my chemistry exam tomorrow morning.

Next, I was going to go to Winter Park to see My Best Friend.

Finally, I was going to come home and review what I had studied earlier, then get to bed early.

But...that didn't happen.

I came home.

And vegged.

Then, I studied while watching the Justin Timberlake concert on HBO (for the second time).

And Colleen and I ordered a pizza for dinner.

Now, I'm vegging again (watching "The Nanny"), before bed.

So no groceries. No movie. No super involved studying (but I'm not entirely worried).

Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. And I'm done by 1pm, so I can get to the grocery store and the movie and have plenty of time to watch the two-disc "Dr. Zhivago" miniseries with Keira Knightley.

On the upside, I started reading "Emma" today, so yay for Jane Austen!
Tags: movies, random, tv, vegging

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