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WAAAAA!! You just tune this out, don't you?! WAAAAA!! Well, tune THIS out! WAAAAAAA!!

Stuff and things...

- I love the new American Express commercial featuring Tina Fey. Then again, I adore her, so it makes sense.

- It's been too long since I've patronized the local indie cinema (the Enzian), so I think I'm going to go tomorrow evening to see My Best Friend, a french film starring Daniel Auteuil. Then, on Sept. 25, I might catch Terry Gilliam's Brazil, which they're presenting as part of their Sundance Film Series for $5.

- I'm really excited that "The Office" is coming to TBS. Mmmm...

- I watched North Country in class today, and Frances McDormand is extraordinarily talented. Sean Bean is incredibly hot. Charlize Theron is simply amazing. I was most definitely in tears by the end. Which sucked, because I was in class. Though I'm sure I wasn't the only one...the course is "Women in Film" so the class is 85% female.

- IMDb reports that Jodie Foster found Sin City "offensive" and I can most definitely see where she's coming from. I guess Jodie and I have more in common that I thought. ;-)

I think that's it...
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