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Who'd be calling me? Everyone I like is here.

Here's a metaphor for you (well, it's not so abstract, but still)...

I'm watching "My Boys" while two of my roommates watch "The Hills."

I enjoy my apartment, I do...but this really sums it up.



So I'm watching the "My Boys" season finale and they are doing a Ferris Bueller thing and taking a day to go to all the places they've never been.

Oh my god, I miss Chicago! They were at the Art Institute and were looking at the Caillebotte (you know the one..."Rainy Day, Paris Street"). I love that piece (I have an icon of it)! And, in the background, you can totally see Berthe Morrisot's "Woman at Her Toilette," one of my all-time favorites.

Then they were at the Sears Tower and the view of that beautiful city! So much personality. And if I squint really hard and imagine things that aren't really there, I can see Deerfield!

Oy. All of you who are in the area right now just don't understand. I miss it so!
Tags: roommates, tv

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