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*sigh* That was tough...

Yes, those are my new icons. I made a bunch at my sister's tonight, and those were the chosen few. I didn't have a whole lot of lee-way, because I wasn't able to resize anything, only crop. Hence the JC eye (which I actually love) and some of the other random ones.

So, yes, I went to Ci's apartment tonight. Had dinner there too. Watched part of CSI. It was pretty good. Totally missed the Friends wedding. Anyone see it and wanna give me highlights?

Got home about an hour ago. Changed icons. Figured out which ones I wanted to use, etc...then posted them all. Yep, it took me about 45 minutes. It didn't seem like that long though.

Don't want to go to school tomorrow, but the good part is that it's Friday. Then weekend. Hooray! I like this, "no school Thursday, then go Friday, then weekend" thing. It's nice.

Well, tomorrow's Allie's birthday, so I have to make signed to decorate her locker with. I might write an entry before bed.

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