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Hey little girl, with the cash to burn, I'm sellin' something you won't return...


So, I complained earlier of having to pay so much for my textbooks.

As it turns out, my Anthropology book (a soft-cover, 400-page book) that I paid $144 for...was actually supposed to be $74. I went to the bookstore today and got a $74 refund (once tax is added in).

Seventy-four FREE dollars! (Sort of.)

The only downside is that the refund goes directly to my credit card, which I have since paid off and has a $0 balance.

Well, the logical thing to do would be to charge $74 worth of stuff, right? ;-)

So I went to Best Buy and bought:
- Casanova for $15 (not on sale...*pout*)
- Pan's Labyrinth, on sale for $10
- Hairspray Soundtrack, on sale for $8
- "The Office" season 3, on sale for $33

To add to the awesomeness...I had a Reward Zone certificate for $20, so it all cost me about $49.

Today rocks.
Tags: best buy, money, movies, school, tv

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