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And who's to say that it's wrong, and who's to say that it's not right where we should be for now...

It's been a while since I've posted, and longer since I've posted about my actual life and not movies or other such nonsense. But, know.

Anyway. Classes have begun, and are in full swing (third week). General Anthropology is boring as all hell, which sucks because I think I could be really interested in the course if it weren't for the professor. Concepts of Chemistry is also dull, but I realized that I remember most of what we've covered so far from high school and the professor, while weirder than any man I've ever met, is kinda cool. He has a British-ish accent and goes off on funny tangents (apparently the English don't say "bless you" when someone sneezes), uses sugar in every example he can, and designates a certain section of class that is allowed to ask questions every day ("the rest of you can just bugger"). Women in Film is by far my best's interesting, we watch good movies, the assignments she gives (a 1-page paper each week, reacting to the film we watched in class) both feel worthwhile and make me think critically about the film in really good ways. Also, I sit next to a girl I had class with last semester, so it's nice to have a "friend" in there. 19th Century Art is interesting, and I always find the time to be flying by in that class (a mark that it's quality), but I have Dr. Martin for the third time, and my track record on his exams is sub-par. In the Spring, I ended up with a C in Italian Renaissance Art, despite my kick-ass perfect score on the 8-page extra credit paper. It didn't help at all. I can't take another C...I'll feel like an absolute failure. As it is, I've considered re-taking Italian Renaissance Art for grade forgiveness, except that I don't think I can do any better the second time around.

So that's the school side of life. The work hasn't been too pressing, yet, and I don't think it will get terrible. I'm very nervous about 19th Century Art, and it sucks that I only have my favorite class once a week, but I think this semester will end up being okay.

As far at the apartment is concerned, things are still going well. It's certainly not all wine and roses, as I am drastically different from my roommates in personality and interests. Their idea of a perfect night is getting all dressed up to go out to a club and dance. Mine is sitting around in comfy clothes (preferably with good friends and maybe some junk food), watching a movie. They (especially Anna) try hard to get me to come out with them, but I'm just not comfortable, nor overly interested, in doing that. I still foresee issues with groceries/food and making dinners, but the worse that happens is that we become very individualistic about out meals. They also tend to have people over a lot...which is fine with me. I like meeting new people, and the guys from next door are pretty cool and kinda chill, so I'm definitely down with that. I like them immensely, and much better than the guys from upstairs, who never really rubbed me the right way.

But today was pretty good. I had trouble sleeping last night, so it was hard to wake up and sit through Anthropology and Chemistry this morning, but coming home for lunch put me in a much better mood. I had a PB&J and a Diet Coke, watched a couple episodes of "The Nanny" that I had TiVo'ed and then went to Women in Film, which was quite splendid indeed! After, I came home to an empty apartment, watched "The Ellen Degeneres Show," which had it's season 5 premier today and I forgot how much I missed having a little Ellen in my life every day. Her show is awesome, she's hilarious, and today she had Sen. Hillary Clinton on, which was really cool. I'm hoping she gets Barack on the show sometime. I love him.

After Ellen, I went grocery shopping, and got some foods and things I was personally running low on, as well as some stuff for the apartment. For dinner, I made tacos and mexican rice (a meal I stole from my sister), and it was good, but the greasy foods don't go over really well with Anna and Jane (hence the "well need to rethink our dinner arrangements" comment). Afterward, Anna wanted to go on a walk, and despite it being 9pm and not living in a super safe part of Orlando (it's not ghetto or sketchy, but it is a little dangerous), I decided to go with her. We walked up to campus (which took about 30 minutes on foot), then around and through a part of campus I'd never been, before we got back on track and walked the half-hour back. In all, it was about a 2 hour walk (not fast-paced, but certainly not slow), which allowed for a bit of good chatting, with the possibility for more later. The walk felt really good, and while I know my legs and back will be sore tomorrow, I feel fine now. And it's possible Anna will be worse off (which is silly, because she's thin and in really good shape), but she was feel sore walking back up the steps to the apartment.

Eh, nature works in mysterious ways.

So yes. Classes are okay, apartment is a little better than okay, today specifically was pretty damn good.

And now, it's bedtime.
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