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Alright, so first off:

(1) List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them.
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people.

Second, I've never been good at following directions so my list will have more than 5 people (honorable mentions will be included), with pictures of all. And I'm sure I have forgotten some people who are high on my list, but I cannot think of them.

Third, I'm not entirely sure if the order is set in stone, but I'll be doing a countdown (gotta save the best for last), rather than "in order of my lust."

Fourth, I have thought long and hard to diversify my list. I represent many different ages and types. Because I don't really discriminate...though the Brits have most certainly invaded my mind and heart. Also, I don't go purely on a sexiness factor...I often lust after people with incredible talent, particularly when it comes to movie stars.

Also, I don't plan on tagging specific people, but I think this is a fun thing to do, so feel free to continue the chain.

So without further ado...

5) Jack Davenport
Clearly, it was Pirates that started. Then there was "Coupling" and his narcoses were endearing and clever. Talented Mr. Ripley was heartbreaking but beautiful...he was just so sincere. Those eyes and that big heart. I love The Commordore, particularly in Dead Man's Chest because he's dirty and morally ambiguous...but a good guy on the inside (which he proves when he redeems himself in the third).

Honorable mention: Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs is clearly a lot hotter than Jack Davenport, and would have made a very strong #5, but I just love The Commodore so much. Jason Isaacs captured my eye as the evil British soldier in The Patriot. Oh man, that scene where he kills Heath Ledger, and I should have been entirely disheartened, I was really just going "ooo...who's the sexy?" Lucius Malfoy is another awesome role for him (he's so good at being bad), and his bit role on "The West Wing" was so sweet and his love for Donna was so pure (but alas, Josh totally kicks his arse).

4) Helena Bonham Carter
I think the role that really clinched it was Conversations With Other Women, though even her bit in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is wonderful. She's just absolutely gorgeous and talented beyond belief.

Honorable mention: Kate Winslet
Like Helena, she's a real woman and an insanely good actress. I recently saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again, and was again blown away by how great she is and how beautiful. However, it was her hauntingly brilliant role in Quills that will forever stay with me.

3) James McAvoy
He's pretty and young and intense and has amazing eyes and fantastic hair. He was lovely and brooding in Becoming Jane, but let's face it. I loved him in Wimbledon. He was goofy and watched porn while working out on his bike. Fabulous and funny. He's done a lot already, but his upcoming projects (Penelope and Atonement, to name a couple) are intriguing and anxiously awaited from my end.

Honorable mention: Hugh Dancy
Logically grouped with James for his bouncy hair, beautiful youthful face and smile that could melt your heart. I adored him as Prince Charmant in Ella Enchanted. His vampire-loving, naive character in Blood and Chocolate made me want to jump him and I'm super excited for The Jane Austen Book Club.

2) Johnny Depp
I think this one goes without saying. His sexiness is undeniable and his talent exceeds some actors twice his age. He picks intriguing roles and takes them way beyond what is written on the page. He is simply amazing and intense and amazing to watch on screen. I love everything from his off-the-wall parts like Willy Wonka, Ed Wood, and Captain Jack Sparrow, not to mention Benny and Joon, Don Juan de Marco and What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

The film I hold above all else, however, has to be Chocolat. He's gorgeous and bohemian and uses an Irish brogue and the film is just so FRENCH! What isn't to love?

Honorable mention: Aaron Eckhart
While it might not seem that he's in the same league as Johnny Depp (because really...who is?), Aaron Eckhart has always taken interesting roles in interesting films and played them really well. Plus, he's got his own brand of sexy and I really can't wait for The Dark Knight, because seeing him play crazy Harvey Dent is going to be awesome. The first role I loved of his was Thank You For Smoking and another shout-out to Conversations With Other Women for being an awesome movie.

1) Keira Knightley
*heavenly choir*

The holy grail. The end-all, be-all. The goddess divine. I have yet to find a single actor, male or female, who exceeds my love for Keira Knightley. She's beautiful and talented and most certainly the best actor under the age of 30. I first discovered her in Love Actually, but she stole my heart in the Pirates movies (and the subsequent behind-the-scenes DVD features) and clinched it with Pride & Prejudice...which I watch about once a month. I also feel it necessary to mention Bend It Like Beckham and Domino...because she kicks ass in both movies.

. . . .

Honorable mention: Anne Hathaway
No one can come close to the talent and ability of Keira Knightley, but for her age, Anne Hathaway is doing an incredible job. Starting in Disney movies (who doesn't love The Princess Diaries?), she was able to break away from the teen-oriented films and make her way into really strong roles like Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada. There's not a doubt in my mind that she will continue to take on really dynamic and interesting roles.

BTW...this has taken me days to contemplate, and a good three hours to write out and find appropriate pictures. I'm still not satisfied with it.


Sep. 1st, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
-Hey! You've got arm hair. -Never got quite that reaction before.
First, the "Coupling" quote is awesome.

Second, the icon is Disturbia, not Transformers. Note: blond Sarah Roemer, not brunette Megan Fox. Though Shia is sexy in either film...he was very close to making my list.


Jack Davenport: I realized I left out The Wedding Date and was going to amend the post accordingly...but then I forgot to do it. He's just so sweet and adorable and British. And in a tux.

Jason Isaacs: I totally forgot about Sweet November (and how could I...he was in a dress!) He was also really great in Nine Lives...he was trying for an American accent, so it didn't sound very good, but he was intense and brooding and the way he looked at Robin Wright-Penn...I swear to god I'd die if a man ever looked at me with that kind of longing/need/sheer lust.

Helena: I just watched Room With a View, which wasn't spectacular...but she was SO YOUNG! I most certainly love her more as she gets older, though. She was still amazing then, and in Howard's End, but something about her now...particularly as Bellatrix and pictures of her as Mrs. Lovett...she's just exquisite.

Kate: I saw her in Titanic back in 1997, but her acting ability didn't really sink in until Quills and her hotness somewhere around Eternal Sunshine. There's still so much of her work I haven't seen yet, but I love her.

James and Hugh are just hot though. So much better than Leo (he's never really been my type...I totally faked it through the Titanic phase that everyone else was going through). Clearly...I like pretty boys with long-ish, curly-ish, brown hair and accents (maybe with a little facial scruff). There's only one blond who made my list (and he was the last to be added, and only an honorable mention). And Adrian Grenier doesn't have a sweet-ass accent and he's a little too cool and sure of himself. I like my men a little bumbling. Mr. Darcy even fits into my type. ;-)

Johnny: I meant to say that Chocolat is just so French, but I clearly fucked that up and will most definitely amend it before anyone else notices my terrible blunder! ;-)

Aaron Eckhart (the aforementioned blond and final addition) is on shaky ground on my list. As with Hugh and James, I'm not intimately knowledgeable on their work and he's new to my radar...but I like where he's been, I like where he's going, and he's insanely talented. There's something sweet and wild and romantic about him...like he'd sweep you off your feet. But also something quiet, shy, and reserved. It's like a really amazing balance and I find that I become obsessed with just watching him in everything he does (even the not so great stuff, like No Reservations).

Of course I've seen Keira's Chanel add. Duh. ;-) And I couldn't decide which picture was better, so I used two. I was pretty damn close to using about 6. (I had two picked out for everyone, but decided just the one was sufficient.)

Anne's that high on the list because she's on par with Keira (as far as classifications go...in case you didn't notice the honorable mentions are extensions of a certain type/age/role/etc). Rough and tumble like Clive Owen is certainly good, and he's got an accent, but he'd definitely be more in a 4 or 5 position than a 1. He needs to do more fun, romantic roles...because Inside Man sucked, and you can't really watch Closer or Children of Men or Sin City just for kicks. He's hot, but the only thing I can watch that's just "enjoyable" is Gosford Park, you know?

Finally, to insert pictures using a website URL, you use <img src=" "> and put the url between the quotes. That's if you have a web address that ends in .jpg or something similar. If it's easier, you could probably upload pictures to LiveJournal using the ScrapBook feature. Once they are there, you can add them to a post by clicking the "insert image" link and then "image from ScrapBook gallery." If you need further instruction, call, IM, email, or comment.

Hurry up with your list, I need more to drool over. Though I understand your difficulty. There were so many I couldn't fit on my list (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Ed Norton)...I mean, I'd fuck any one of them.
Sep. 1st, 2007 04:12 am (UTC)
Re: -Hey! You've got arm hair. -Never got quite that reaction before.

You're waiting for me to compile a list?

I told you I need it narrowed down!

Anyway. I'm answering all of your various counter-commentaries with the all-purpose, "Uh huh." I'm too tired right now to thoroughly reply, and I don't object to any of it, I don't have some passionate thing like, "Are you a blond HATER, GMG??"

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