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And that's the way this wheel keeps working now...





I just saw Stardust and dear god! Robert De Niro as a GAY PIRATE! I was CRACKING UP!

Aside from that, the movie was really good, as well. Claire Danes was amazing. Charlie Cox (newcomer in the lead role) was very impressive, the story was engaging and intriguing. It wasn't without its flaws (it could have been a tighter narrative), but overall very good and I will most certainly purchase it on DVD.

The only slight downside is that it made me REALLY want to watch Stage Beauty (another of Danes' fantastic roles), but my sister is currently in possession of it. Then, I wanted to watch Almost Famous, because of the Billy Crudup connection (note: if you're wondering how my mind works, it's all just a long line of associations). And to continue, I saw the first half hour of Singles today on HBO...but sister has Almost Famous in her possession, as well.

So, Chris...

Do you think you could go through my DVDs and put all the ones you haven't watched yet in one case that you can keep, and put all the ones you've already watched in the other case and I can take them back with me? I'll be home for Labor Day weekend so I can pick them up (with my new Jane Austen books. BTW...have you read "Pride & Prejudice" yet?).

Alright. So that's it for now. Tonight we're having dinner with the boys in 204 (not to be confused with the boys in 305...yeah, that's my roomies for you. If there are hot any guys in the complex, we will make friends with them and most likely eat/drink/hang out with them).
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