Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

One of the major reasons I love my roomies?

They use the dishwasher!

For the past two years, everyone has been so separate and individualist that it never made sense to just put everyone's dishes together and wash them, but not this year!

But all joking aside, I'm really enjoying myself down here in central Florida, for the first time since I transferred here (not including fun family times in Spring Hill...I'm talking the college experience).

A lot of things flash me back to Indiana, where I had a really solid group of friends and we did the hanging out/living together/partying it up/having fun thing. The girls I'm living with are a little more on the party side, perhaps not so much on the intellectual side (if you catch my drift), but it feels so good to be social again.

That said, I totally baled on going out with them tonight. They were heading to the Roxy (perhaps not as cool as the one in LA, but whatever...) and I wasn't going to go. Then I decided I was being stupid and I should go. But after realizing that I have no clubbing clothes, and that I hate clubs when I feel uncomfortable, and I was definitely going to feel uncomfortable in stupid clothes with girls I've only known for 8 days...I ditched them. They were appropriately saddened, but I'm sure they will have a better time without me, and my self esteem will be better served feeling gross at home than being self conscious all night next to three incredibly skinny, pretty girls. At least here I have The Colbert Report and comfy pajamas.

So yes. Things here are going exceptionally well. My classes (the gen-eds especially) are dull and bordering on worthless, but at least there are only 4 of them, and my concern about them is at an all-time low. That's not to say that I won't try hard and do my best. The gen-eds should be pretty easy, and the other two classes are interesting enough to help me pull a high grade. And I should have enough free time left over to hang out with the roomies.

The only downside to an increase in social life is a decrease in my individualistic lifestyle. I didn't get to go see Death at a Funeral by myself today because Jane ended up not having to go to work, so we went to Old Navy, ABC Liquors, and Publix (grocery store), then hung around in the afternoon with Colleen and the boys from 305. Pity, eh?
Tags: apartment, orlando, roommates

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