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So I think from time to time about movies I'd like to make. Or, rather, movies I would like to see made. Preferably giving me credit for the idea. You given where it is due.

Anyway, I recently have been intrigued by the idea of a real-life Alice in Wonderland as directed by Tim Burton and written by John August. (It would be awesome. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but with hella more crack.)

Then, I was thinking how much I'd love to see someone like Keira Knightley in the role of Alice, despite the age, I think she'd play the role really well (and, of course, my love for her doesn't hurt either).

Then, I thought that it would kinda defeat the purpose of it being Alice in Wonderland, a tale made specifically for a small girl.

So I was like..."well, it could be a grown up version of Alice. A young woman in a crazy world."

And then I realized that it's Labyrinth.

So I guess that I want to remake the Labyrinth with Keira Knightley. Because more Keira in my life is always a good thing. (Tim Burton may or may not be involved...I'd really like to keep him on my original Alice project.)
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