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So I just went to buy my books.

I think I've just been fucked up the ass (and not in a good way).

I only had to buy three books. Because I'm only taking 4 classes and my film classes never need books.

Three books cost me over $400.


I'm really glad I've been approved for in-state tuition, because I didn't not take into account that books were going to cost me SO much money.



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Aug. 20th, 2007 04:04 pm (UTC)
Hey! In-state tuition! Booyah!

Also, $400 for anything really truly sucks. You can stop wondering: You HAVE been fucked in an uncomfortable place (not the backseat of a Volkswagen). But at least you'll sell them back for like $5 each at the end of the semester, and then you can buy yourself a nice DVD with it. It won't be an equal tradeoff... unless it's a really, really good movie. With Keira Knightley, who, by the way, I really don't want to see playing Alice, and I'll tell you why: Alice isn't sexual. I don't want to see Keira as a little girl, or playing a little girl, or a slightly-grown-up Alice when I've known Alice since she was a young little girl with huge googley eyes running around a drug-induced novelist's plot... And I haven't seen Labyrinth in so long I can't tell you precisely why Keira in there bugs me, but I think it does. Maybe it's because she's so fabulous she deserves to not be in remakes of previous movies with stellar people like David Bowie?
Aug. 20th, 2007 08:53 pm (UTC)
Sadly, I don't know if the theoretical $15 from my book sell-back would be enough for any quality Keira flicks. I own all the good ones, with the exception of the "Doctor Zhivago" miniseries...but that would be more than $15, so.

Although by then, Pirate 3 will probably be on DVD and I should be able to pick it up for under $20. Because lord knows I'm not paying more than $20 for it!

As for the Alice/Labyrinth thing, I was thinking of Keira in an entirely non-sexual way (for once...). I don't remember much about Labyrinth except for a girl had to navigate a nonsensical world (to find her baby brother) and the whole "you remind me of the babe" "what babe?" "the babe with the power" "what power?" "the power of voo-doo" "who do?" "you do" "do what?" "remind me of the babe" thing that we stole for Stuntasia 2000.

I just think it's just a really appealing situation to see someone in over her head with things that aren't normal, everyday cares and worries. Whether it is real, or imaginary/displaced illusions to cope with everyday life (such as in Alice or, I believe, Pan's Labyrinth). And who better than my smart and pretty Keira? I can totally see her being amused and intrigued at first, but getting increasingly frustrated with the silliness. And she's still young enough to play a role like that. I can't think of many actors her age who would be able to do that. I don't think someone like Maggie Gyllenhaal or Jessica Alba could portray nearly enough depth. Maybe Anne Hathaway, but she's already done so many fantasy/princess type roles. I just think Keira's could really get down and dirty and really jump into character's mind and body.

I'd have to sit down and actually work it out in my head and maybe a little on paper. And the Keira project wouldn't be the Alice project, I don't think. I think the Keira one would have to be a new, different incarnation of the Labyrinth/Wonderland theme. I still definitely want to see Burton remake Alice though, child actor and all. Just picture it...it wouldn't necessarily be dark, but certainly not light and cheerful. Frankly, Alice is not a light and cheerful tale. Think of a melding of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with The Nightmare Before Christmas to find fantastical locations and creatures beyond the ordinary imagination. I think this project would have to be very true to the original text, the way Charlie... was (well, if you exclude the part about his childhood and father...so unnecessary).

Eh, anyway. Just some ideas I had so I thought I'd elaborate. I'm sure it was utter nonsense, because what's bouncing around in my head is too complex and fast-moving to get down in a comment.

As a final note, I saw the "Making of Pride & Prejudice" on HBO...it was a quick 12-minute thing where they talked briefly about how the family had to live together in the house a bit before filming and the difficulty of adapting arguably the best, most-loved romance novel ever. It was sweet and there was plenty of Keira time (and some Matthew MacFadyen, too). It makes me want to watch the movie again, though I just saw it a few weeks ago, before I started the book. Then, I finished the book...so theoretically, I should be satiated. But when it comes to Keira...there's just never enough.
Aug. 21st, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
OK, this will be quick, since I left you a bigger reply to MY post...

No, no, I love reading / listening to you talk about these ideas you have for movies, and they really are clever, I think even if it's just something you daydream about on the bus or while driving, you should keep a journal of them, just in case the day comes when you need a huge shitton's worth of movie/adaptation ideas. Think of all those people who go, "Damn it to hell--I swear I thought of that 15 years ago! Fuck! I should've copyrighted that shit!" So, you know, keep track of it... or tag it, lol.

Um, also, my old roommate Matt owns 2 Doctor Zhivagos, the one with Keira and another version, and he loves the Keira one because there's a--ta-da!--love scene. I wouldn't buy it (kind of a... Masterpiece Theatre sort of book/story), but you should get it from Netflix, if you haven't yet, just to watch it.
Aug. 21st, 2007 03:51 am (UTC)
Doctor Zhivago is like...number 8 on my queue! I'll be getting it soon!

And yeah, I'm going to start actually keeping track of my ideas. They might come in handy...
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