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Who am I kidding? There's no one more famous than Katie Couric; she fucked me over.

So I finally saw Live Free or Die Hard, and I thought it was really well done. Justin Long was hilarious, the plot was solid (lacking the gapping holes that many summer blockbusters have), and Bruce just keeps looking better (oh man...he may be 52, but I would do him in a HEARTBEAT).

It wasn't perfect, but it was really good, especially as a sequel. They easily could have laid back and let the "Die Hard" name suck in viewers, but they made a better than decent film. Color me impressed.

Also, I love Colin Firth, but am I the only one who sees previews for The Last Legion and thinks "miscast!" I can see him as the guardian/protector, but not so much the warrior/General. Eh, I might see it anyway. Aishwarya Rai kicks ass.
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