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Zoe mentioned something about having graduation moneys, and it got me thinking that I might be entirely fucked.

Technically, commencement next Spring would be May 3.

My cousin Tiffany is getting married the weekend before (in Iron Mountain, MI) on April 26th.

And 5 weeks later, my cousin Adam is getting married (around Antioch, IL) on June 7.

Most of our greater family members will be spending a lot of money to attend both of these weddings. Some people will have to pick and choose which they can go to (Adam's is going to be the big party. Location and timing are better for most).

Personally, I don't know if I'll make it to Tiffany's...that's the weekend between classes ending and finals beginning...and I'll have my big senior thesis/research project thing.

Now, I wasn't really planning on walking in the commencement ceremony. It's been two years and I still don't feel a huge connection to UCF. I was assuming I'd get a party, but it would be in Florida and the only people I'd get presents (read: money) from would be my parents and two aunts...all people who have to try to afford transportation for two weddings in 6 weeks, not to mentioned the big money/gifts for the newlyweds.

Some how, graduating college seems so much less important. Gah, I'm screwed as far as free money goes. I'll be lucky to get $500 in all. That won't help in getting myself settled somewhere after college or providing a "it's okay if I don't find a job right away" buffer.

Selfish? VERY.

But I'm about to take out my 4th student loan and dear god, I'm drowning in debt (I'm currently in over $80,000 and about to take out at least $15,000 more). I don't understand how people get through college without massive loans. I don't know how people's parents have the ability to save money for college. I wish I had a rich uncle.

I thought $100,000 education debts were just for people who got really good, Ivy League educations and were guaranteed a job upon graduating. How the hell did such a crappy education cost me so much money?!



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Aug. 10th, 2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
First of all, I think it's really common for people at state schools to end up with way more in loans than they thought possible, I have lots of friends that are like, How the fucking Christ did this happen!? And, the loans do totally suck, but it's not like my parents are way richer than yours, it's just that they only have one kid, no grandkids, and I paid $14G of my own education and have $11G in loans, so I basically covered 1/4 years myself. So that helped. Still, it's cool to be superpissed about all that money, and overwhelmed. On the upside? When you graduate next year, enough of your friends will be semi-settled in, with at least some sort of job or apartment or something, so you can mooch while you try to find something to do, etc., whereas we all had to suffer our parents' houses. One step up for you, m'dear. ;)

And. Thanks ever so for all of your technological adivce. Man, that's... big money... $1299 for a computer, $249 for the iPod, $249 for camera, $35 for the memory card, $89 for the Photoshop. Even though it's gift money, I can't help but think that I should just stick it in a bank and let it gather interest... Then again, the money is a gift, and I should be impractical while I'm young. I do really really want the Mac. I just need to know how much of everything I need, I'm horrible at knowing all of that shit. Like, how much memory does a person really need?

Know what's a bummer? I don't know yet if Netflix will be worth it onboard. We get mail once a week, but if I can only drop shit in the mail once a week, then I'll only be able to get like 2 or 4 movies a month, and that'd suck... I'm hoping I can mail shit back while I'm in port midweek, then pick up the new movies when we get the mail a few days later and rotate it through like that, and then hopefully the online watching shit will work for Macs soon...? Are they planning on fixing that?

Also, while I was typing this, "Bittersweet Symphony" was on the radio and I was thinking of Ryan Philippe's roadster from Cruel Intentions, and when the song was done, the girl dj was like "So did that make anyone else think about the end of Cruel Intentions? Sarah Michelle Gellar was so hot in that. What?" I laughed out loud. I love it when that happens!

Oh, and if you haven't stumbled across this yet, you should check out the comm hd_hols at LJ.

Love you.
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