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Look! Spock!

Pretty damn good, eh?

I'm excited.

Still no Kirk. According to J.J. Abrams he's "taking names" for Kirk.

Also, two movies I saw previews for yesterday and about which I am SUPER excited: August Rush (I LOVE Freddie Highmore) and Dan in Real Life.

Things to do this week:
- Rewatch first two Bourne movies
- See Bourne Ultimatum
- Finish reading "Pride & Prejudice"
- Watch Netflix'ed Sweeney Todd in Concert (it has NPH, plus I can familiarize myself with the music before Tim Burton's version comes out in January)
- Watch TiVo'ed "The Riches" from May
- Go see at least one other movie in the theater (topping the list are Live Free or Die Hard, License to Wed, You Kill Me, Pirates: At World's End again...all for $2.50, or Hairspray again for $6)

It's a difficult life I lead, folks.


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Aug. 7th, 2007 06:47 am (UTC)
Allo, m'dear.

1. Thanks for rescuing me tonight!!

2. I got home safe, and I did stop for gas, lol, because that 1/4 tank gauge LIED. (Gage?)

3. Ooohkay, I have only 37/42 of my userpics used up, but there are several of the ones I have uploaded that I'm sick of or I'm over. Now, when I delete them, will my default icon replace them for those entries/comments?

Ahh, and do you have any current suggestions for icons or slogans or people in them? Or photos you like but wouldn't use for your own icons? I know, there's a bunch you sent me way back when, but I'm a different place now, but feelin' creative once again. Mmmm fluxuating creativity. (Hey, maybe that's a slogan!)

Mwah, Z

(P.S. This is an icon I'm not givin up. Ever.)
Aug. 8th, 2007 06:24 am (UTC)
1. I'm always ready with a Google map when you need it, darling.

2. Cars are crappy and I wish I didn't rely on mine so much. It's becoming more and more obvious to me that I should just say "fuck it" and move to Europe (London or Paris, of course...London only because speaking English is SO much easier!!).

3. I still have copies of all the pictures I had scouted for you previously. If you're interested, I could send you them as a memory refresher. Otherwise, I most likely have time to do some image searches for you...since you're stuck on dial-up.

And yes, unfortunately any icon you remove will be replaced by your default on entries. The only exception is if you delete the old icon, then upload a new one using the same name. Example, you delete your icon entitled "Snape" and replace it with the new icon that is also called "Snape." It will replace the previously posted icons with the new icon of the same name.

I'm terrible at coming up with ideas for clever or creative slogans...I usually just rely on finding pretty pictures and let them do the talking. I do have a knack for finding the images though...so let me know if there's something/someone in particular that you're looking for.

And it goes without saying that I adore that icon and I would never ask (or expect) you to give it up. My sister was watching Bend it Like Beckham the other day and it made me think of when your mom discovered me watching it alone and she said "Well, of course. It's your girl." Oh, if only she were mine, eh?
Aug. 9th, 2007 06:36 am (UTC)
Ooh, resend them, resend them!

I don't like all of my icons to have slogans, but every now and then I make myself giggle in amusement when I see someone's else's sweetass slogan, and once in a blue moon I even giggle/snort at my own slogans. Wowza. And now I need a kick-ass one of like a bunny in a Hawaiian shirt... And I want to make a friend named Jim so I can call him Jimbo like the CIA guy in Goldeneye (GoldenEye?).

Thanks for the cleverness about replacing icons with new icons with the same names. I can handle new pics with old names, it's not like you can see what I call them anyhow, or that it would matter either way.

Do me a favor, though, when you've got a sec. Will you look at my journal not in your friends page but by itself and tell me if the graphics on the design look right? Or if I need to change my background etc settings?
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