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And're just lucky to be here, aren't you?

Look! Spock!

Pretty damn good, eh?

I'm excited.

Still no Kirk. According to J.J. Abrams he's "taking names" for Kirk.

Also, two movies I saw previews for yesterday and about which I am SUPER excited: August Rush (I LOVE Freddie Highmore) and Dan in Real Life.

Things to do this week:
- Rewatch first two Bourne movies
- See Bourne Ultimatum
- Finish reading "Pride & Prejudice"
- Watch Netflix'ed Sweeney Todd in Concert (it has NPH, plus I can familiarize myself with the music before Tim Burton's version comes out in January)
- Watch TiVo'ed "The Riches" from May
- Go see at least one other movie in the theater (topping the list are Live Free or Die Hard, License to Wed, You Kill Me, Pirates: At World's End again...all for $2.50, or Hairspray again for $6)

It's a difficult life I lead, folks.
Tags: books, hairspray, jane austen, movies, music, pride and prejudice, sweeney todd, tivo, tv

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