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I have discovered a cinema.

It is second-run(-ish) and fabulous.

It's nicer than Buffalo Grove (more on par with Showplace, actually), and it shows more recent movies. In fact, 6 of the 10 movies currently screening are still playing at the local Regal (only a month or so after the original release date).

Except that instead of $7.50 a ticket (and matinees that now start at 3pm...fuck you too, Regal), the tickets are $2.50 for matinee or student and $4 for regular adult evening admission.

For $2.50, I get a movie experience that is practically on-par with the local Regal (though to be fair, it's a crappy, old Regal, without stadium seating). Right now it's playing Live Free or Die Hard, License to Wed, Ratatouille, and even Sicko.

It just finished a run of Paris, Je T'aime and started showing You Kill Me. That's right...they show foreign and independent films.

It's kinda amazing.

I'm in love.

I might even see Pirates 3 again. It could be worth $2.50. Keira is at least worth that...
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