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The Blockbuster Rut

I have been tooling over Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes for a good hour now, trying to decide what movie to see. I have the motive, means, and opportunity, and I have a very strong desire to attend a screening of a film at a cinema this afternoon.

What I lack is the movie.

I was contemplating a more sophisticated film, one that received excellent reviews and generally has had a smaller release. Rescue Dawn, Sicko, Sunshine and Talk to Me are all viable options. I've decided to wait on Sicko until I'm back in Spring Hill, because it's actually playing near there. The problem is that they are all dramas. It's a hot and sunny Florida summer day, and I really can't be bothered to depress myself.

To add to the trouble, I'm seeing The Simpsons Movie tonight, and surely No Reservations will soon follow with family in Spring Hill. Both of those are out of the running.

So for the past 45 minutes, I've been trying to decide between License to Wed and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but both received such scathing reviews that I can't bring myself to forfeit $7.50 on either. They will surely end up on my Netflix queue, but I have no desire to rush out and see them for the price of even a matinee ticket.

I'm left with choices that are few and far between and I can't commit to any of them.

I entitled this entry "The Blockbuster Rut" because I truly feel that since the summer movie season started, I have had less and less choices, despite the hemorrhage of films to hit theaters. While I was in Illinois for a month, I saw 13 films, most of which were worth the price of admission. Since, I've been limited to big summer movies, most of which haven't even enticed me into a theater, and the ones that did rarely made me feel I had gotten my money's worth.

Two exceptions to this rule are Hairspray and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and it seems that now, in my desperate attempt to find SOMETHING to see at my local cineplex, I will be seeing one of these again. It's better than nothing, I suppose.
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