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-What on earth have you done to poor Mr. Darcy? -I have no idea.

Camping has been done and I am back in Florida, showered, and feeling lovely.

It was a lot of fun. Possibly more than I had anticipated (because my expectations were falling exponentially in the days leading up to it), but it was a good time nonetheless. It's possible it will become a tradition...though that gets more difficult as the years progress and our lives become far less predictable. It would be nice if it were something that people went out of their way to make happen (as some of us did this year). It may have cost over $300 (grand total was just under $306), but it was kinda worth it.

There are pictures up on Facebook for those with access and interest (though I look like crap).

To sum up:
- Flights were good.
- Many hours of airport/plane time have allowed me to get 163 pages into Pride & Prejudice (nearly halfway in my copy) and I'm loving it!
- The site was decent, the beach within walking distance was superb.
- The mosquitos sucked.
- The hike was a little lame. I wish it could have been longer, but the aforementioned mosquitos sucked the life out of that plan.
- It was a little awkward having Nikki's friend around, but she was a nice girl.
- 6 is an odd number for playing cards. We need groups divisible by 4.
- The ground was really hard to sleep on.
- I got sunburned and it hurts, but its making my already-existant tan look pretty damn hot.
- S'mores are the greatest food ever. Panera potato chips are also very good, especially when one is famished.
- It was super excellent to have real conversations with Patty (mostly while driving to and from the campgrounds). He rocks hardcore.
- Bob Evans for breakfast!!!

So yes. I got back to my apartment earlier than I had expected, so I picked up Fazoli's for dinner and watched Sleepers, which I've had from Netflix for about two months now (to be fair, for one of those months, I was in Illinois). It was pretty sweet. Tons of awesome people. Jason Patric looks very much like Eric McCormack (Will from "Will & Grace") in certain scenes. That and Mario Cantone (from "Sex and the City" fame).

Well, I'm off to read a little more P&P before bed...but I thought I'd leave you with some intriguing upcoming film releases:
- The Ten (Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Adam Brody, Famke Janssen and more in a film with the tagline: "If He'd meant the commandments literally, He'd have written them in stone.")
- Dedication (Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore in a romantic dramadie...and with all the crap she's been putting out lately, it might be time for her to catch a break)
- The Hottest State (Written and directed by Ethan Hawke...might be worth it)
- September Dawn (Alright, so I'm not a fan of the westerns in general, and Jon Voight doesn't really help the situation, but it does have Dean Cain and the synopsis: "A love story set during a tense encounter between a wagon train of settlers and a renegade Mormon group." Renegade Mormons? That's worth the price of admission.)
- The Nines (Ryan Reynolds and Hope Davis in an interesting set-up and written/directed by John August, who also wrote Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Tags: books, camping, movies

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