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Oh for heaven's sake, are we to receive every Bennet in the country?

As if I needed another reason to love Amanda Bynes...

Hairspray was quite excellent and I most certainly recommend it, whole heartedly. Aside from the lovely Miss Bynes, James Marsden, Queen Latifah, Elijah Kelley, Allison Janney and Nikki Blonsky all gave superb performances.

And to add to the loveliness of the day, I'm watching Pride & Prejudice. *swoon*

This movie is so incredible and fabulous. Even beyond Keira (my dear, dear Keira!) and Matthew Macfadyen, there's still Brenda Bleythn and Donald Sutherland and Rosamund Pike and Tom Hollander. Fabulous!

PS - My wireless internet connection at my sister's house seems to be out of order. Pity, really. I can't complain about losing it as I was stealing...but still. No internet? How primitive! At least I still have my mother's house...
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