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It's Chiwetel Ejiofor's birthday!

(It's also Jessica Simpson's, Adrien Grenier's and others...but Chiwetel has the best name.)

Talk To Me opens in August...I'm psyched.


I hate "Roseanne" but it was on when I turned on the TV. In the episode, Martin Mull's character got married to his boyfriend (played by Fred Willard). Crazy. Gay wedding on TV in 1995...who knew?


I am ridiculously excited for Harry Potter tonight!


There is some crazy shit going on with J.J. Abrams' mysterious upcoming movie. I looked it up on IMDb, and it's still untitled, though working titles are Cloverfield, Slusho, though most seem to just call it 1-18-08.

Then a blog popped up that is presumably connected: (lots of comments on leads to an IMDb message board: ). Message boards tend to make me crazy, but it is kinda cool to see what people have figured out.

And then there's the crazy flash-based website:

While I commend the marketing campaign, assuming they are all does feel a little premature. Getting the summer movie crowd is a necessity, but the film comes out January 18th. November would have been a good time to start pushing online puzzles and conspiracy theories (it's cold, dreary, people love staying inside and rotting their brains using computers,'s much closer to the release). I hope I'm wrong, because J.J. Abrams rocks and the new movie sounds cool and I like the mystery behind it all (the less I know about a film, the more I like it)...but I think the hype is going to die down pretty quickly. They have 6 months until the release!

Eh, oh well. I'm sure there's some genius grand plan and when this dies down, something else will pop up.


Now, I'm going to watch some telly, finish checking email, and shower. Fun.
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