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A post about music!

Don't get too excited, my taste is very pop-oriented...and people who know music usually scoff at it. But I love it and I've made some purchases recently that I'm pretty excited about, so I will share.

Once soundtrack
- The movie was simple, but solidly good and the music is incredibly engaging.
- Favorite songs: Falling Slowly, When Your Mind's Made Up (both are used in the preview)

"Loose," Nelly Furtado
- I bought the album for the song "Say It Right," which I love possibly more than Rihanna's "Umbrella" (with which I am currently obsessed). I just really like listening to it.
- Favorite songs: Say It Right, All Good Things (Come to an End)

"Some Hearts," Carrie Underwood
- I've kinda been meaning to buy this for a while...I mean, the girl can sing and I do like country enough to like Carrie. It wasn't until I actually listened to the CD that I realized how many of the songs I'd heard before...she's released 6 or 7 singles from it.
- Favorite songs: Wasted, Before He Cheats

Those CDs I purchased about two weeks ago, when I was still in Illinois (overpriced from Best Buy...would have saved $10 if I would have bought them from iTunes). So I've listened to them each at least once through.

My new purchases from last night on iTunes were mostly impulse, or things I've been wanting for awhile. I haven't really listened through the albums (except the 30 second clips on iTunes), so figuring whether or not these were good purchases will come later.

"It Won't Be Soon Before Long," Maroon 5
- It took a while for me to warm up to the 80's techno feel of "Makes Me Wonder," but I listened to samples at Barnes & Noble and it seemed like a solid album. And I still listen to "Songs About Jane" (the first album) all the time.

"Eyes Open," Snow Patrol
- I just really, really love the song "Chasing Cars" (more than Nelly and Rihanna combined). It makes me ache and it's fabulous. Plus, I figured they would be rather Fray-ish, and I do adore the album "How to Save a Life" (the one with the songs they always play on "Grey's Anatomy").

"Wild Hope," Mandy Moore
- This one was an UBER impulse buy...I hadn't even been thinking about it for weeks (like my other purchases). But I do like Mandy Moore, and I do like pop music. "Extraordinary" isn't my favorite song, but it's catchy and I like it, and I listened to some of the other samples and it sounds good to me.

And now...the grand finale...

"My December," Kelly Clarkson
- Today (the 26th) is technically the CD release day, so I went onto iTunes last night and purchased the album at 12:23am. I adore Kelly. "Breakaway" (the first album) is still a top play on my iPod. And "Never Again" is a super sweet song. I've been waiting for this since last summer and it's finally here!!

The only downside to owning 7 new albums is finding time to give them all the attention they need to flourish and earn my love.

Alright...that's it for music-y stuff. I need to shower so I can take my brother-in-law to get his brakes fixed and then get my hair cut (so I can dye it again).
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