Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

I felt the earth beneath my feet, sat by the river and it made me complete...

I'm down in central Illinois, and it's pretty awesome. My sister has a really nice house and most certainly the best sleeping accommodations I've had all month (it's a real, full-sized bed! Not a fold out or a day bed...a REAL bed!).

Plus, yesterday, we went out on "the boat" (which belongs to my brother-in-law's parents). Now, I always assumed that "the boat" they went out on to swim and drink was a little pontoon boat type thing. Oh no. It has a bedroom with a full-sized bed, a bathroom with flushing toilet and shower, a small bedroom with bunk bed things (think European overnight train cabin). It has air conditioning and a refrigerator, freezer, microwave and stove top. has satellite TV.

So we spent most of the day enjoying the hot outdoors, and swam in the lake for about 6 hours (with small breaks for lunch and a 45 minute nap), and drank like fish. At night, we docked the boat and chilled out in the cool indoors and watched TV ("The Soup" on E! is pretty hilarious), and ate snacks. It was awesome.

The only downside to Mattoon is that there isn't a ton to do around here. Even stores and restaurants are lacking. But it's only 45 minutes up to Champaign, so Fayanne and I are heading there today to do some shopping and get some good food.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to get on the road at 4:30-ish and drive 15 and a half hours (according to Google maps) back to Spring Hill. Oh well. My month-long vacation was sweet and I can't really complain that it was too short.
Tags: boat, vacation

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